Senin, 14 Mei 2012

The Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water

Although there are no exact studies proving the validity of alkaline drinking water health benefits, there are theoretical confirmations of them in existence. And the fact that it is widely used in Japan, which has one of the highest life expectancy ratings in the world, adds an ample amount of substantiation to the suggested claims. Nevertheless, buyers are not forced to base their purchasing decisions solely on what ionized water is said to contribute. Rather, they are encouraged to look at the bigger picture and figure out if it has any significant application in their lives. Whether you decide to believe it or not is up to your better judgment. But if you are curious about how the simple electrolysis of water can supposedly make your life better, here are some of its popular advantages.
a. It helps get rid of toxins. A lot of people misconstrue oxidation as an unhealthy body process. But it is actually just something that occurs in a cell's life cycle. What makes it dangerous is the accumulation of free radicals, which are the damaged particles, brought about by the destruction and replacement of old, dysfunctional cells. Free radicals, given their nature, are always eager to pair up with other molecules and make them defective. Electrolysis transforms H2O molecules into OH, and fixes it with a negative charge, so that it can effectively attract free radicals, and it ensures that they do not wreak havoc to other vital and functioning components of the human body. After attaching, they are then discarded through urine.
b. It helps neutralize the body. Even though the body does have an involuntary system that tries to correct any existing abnormalities, there are times when it lacks sensitivity or is overwhelmed by the breadth of the work it has to do. See, some people are naturally acidic. Some have conditions that make their body acidic. Some eat too much acidic rations. The consumption of alkaline drinking water enables them to help their bodies stay in a state of homeostasis and prevent adverse effects like fatigue, susceptibility to illness, headaches, and digestive problems, to name a few.
c. It gives better hydration. It is said that ionization helps break clusters of water molecules into smaller ones. This makes it easier for them to pass through cell walls, leading to faster and more efficient hydration. As a result, the body is able to look and function better, regulate its temperature more efficiently, and deliver nutrients, as well as oxygen, to the cells quicker. Better hydration also lessens the risk of developing unwanted symptoms, as well as exacerbating current conditions.
Other upsides to consuming alkaline drinking water include the prevention of diseases, such as arthritis and angina, and the retardation of the aging process. Obviously, whether they are true or not, there is a scientific explanation behind every assertion made - which makes it all the more interesting to invest in a water ionizer system

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